$Revision: 1.1 $
$Date: 2002/02/22 19:49:08 $

Building and installing the CLRA application

Building the CLRA application for the first time is a time-consuming project. There is a lot of third-party software that must be downloaded and installed before the application can be built and deployed. However, once the initial setup is complete, incremental builds of new releases or development cycles for new code are quite fast.

This document is the starting point for documentation that will walk you throught an initial setup of the CLRA build and deployment enviroment. The documentation is broken up into four major chunks:
  1. Initial setup for the CLRA web application
  2. Setting up the CLRA database
  3. Setting up JBoss
  4. CLRA build process
In addition to these documents, there is some supplementary documentation on related topics:

To get started, open up Initial setup for the CLRA web application, and good luck!