CLRA build process

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$Date: 2002/02/23 00:45:18 $

  1. Overview
  2. Build targets


This document describes how to build the CLRA web application.


This document assumes that an environment variable $CLRA_HOME has been set up which corresponds to the clra/clra-java directory, so that source code resides in $CLRA_HOME/src; web pages in $CLRA_HOME/web; shell scripts in $CLRA_HOME/bin; and so on:

        /bin - script files
        /doc - documentation
        /etc - configuration and SQL files
        /lib - all jar files needed to build and run the application
        /src - com, test, and jmeter branches
        /web - JSP and HTM files

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Build command

The build script is located at the top of the $CLRA_HOME directory tree:  (for Linux)
The build script sets up a classpath that references necessary jar files in the lib directory and then invoke the ANT build tool. The ANT build tool uses a configuration file to drive a build. The configuration file is:
At the top of build.xml is a default target for a build. Currently, the default target is:
This target creates tmp (a working directory> and dist (an output directory). The target builds all Java class files from the Java source files under src into dist/classes; the target copies property files from src into the dist/classes tree; creates EJB, WAR and EAR jar files; and finally copies the EAR jar file to the $JBOSS_DIST/deploy directory. Under JBoss with an embedded Tomcat server, copying an EJB, WAR or EAR file into the $JBOSS_DIST/deploy deployment directory causes the file to be automatically deployed.

Besides the clra-ear.deploy target, there are other targets that can be specified on the command line of either build.bat or

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