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Rowing Club Management Project


This is the homepage of the Rowing Club Management project. The goal of the project is to create open-source software for managing the activities of a rowing club. The project was initially started by members of the Carnegie Lake Rowing Association, hence the acronym "clra" in the project URL's. However, software created by the project is available to all rowing clubs, and all rowing clubs are free to contribute to the project.

Here are some useful links:

Besides the links highlighted above, there are lots of interesting nooks and crannies on the project website -- places for surveys, places for news announcements, and so on. As you get familiar with the site, take some time to explore new sections, and to contribute material where you think it would be appropriate.

If your club uses or contributes to this software, and you would like your site advertised (for free) on this page, please contact someone on the project to a have a link added below.